Student Chair Dynami™ Supports posture 3-way seating! 460h 400h 360h 310h 0 1 2 3 SIZE SIZE SIZE SIZE Kindy to Prep DYB133 - $79 Prep to Year 3 DYA102 - $89 Year 3 to Year 5 DYA111 - $99 Year 5 to Tertiary DYB114 - $109 Registered Design BASE CAMP R STANDARD Universal Chair Trolley POZ001 - $449 Stacks to 10 high Chairs | Learning Spaces Dynami™ Sled Base Chair Sizes Size 1 - 300h Size 2 - 340h Size 3 - 380h Size 4 - 420h Size 5 - 460h SKU DYA135 DYA138 DYA145 DYA152 DYA372 Price $105 $105 $109 $115 $119 INCLUSIVE FURNITURE INCLUSIVE FURNITURE 20 YEAR WARRANTY FROM $79 DYB133 Tested to 135Kg STANDARD Seat pad available Tested to 135Kg Seat pad available! (Sizes 4 & 5 only) More than just a chair. Dynami™ Crafted to improve children's engagement, concentration & learning outcomes. Meadow Lagoon Pine Ochre Plum Sapphire Yummy Yellow Orange Melon Rush Ruby Red Sienna Capri Blue Juice Green Charcoal Bright Blue Olive Green Black Oyster Grey Eucalypt Opal Light Blue Purple Moon STOCKED SELECT RANGE STANDARD INCLUSIVE FURNITURE 20 YEAR WARRANTY Dynami™ Lab Stool FROM DYB175 $139 • 600h, 650h, 750h seat • Tested to 135Kg • Low back available Dynami™ Apex Castor Chair DYA250 $205 $249 DYA266 $185 $225 Dynami™ Task Chair • 460h seat • Tested to 135Kg • 410-560h seat (gas lift) • Tested to 135Kg Low Back $179 Low Back $165 DYA257 DYA273 STANDARD STANDARD STANDARD Height adjustment 410-560h Stacks to 15 stools high Dynami™ Stacker FROM DYB111 $65 • 425h x 420w x 350d • Lightweight & compact Great for STEM spaces Available in: LOW BACK OPTIONS AVAILABLE Drafting Chair $305 DYA387 FROM DYA135 $105 STANDARD "Supportive seating reduces postural demands, allowing children to focus on learning." BFX Thought Leader - Sam Gourley Paediatric Occupational Therapist *Minimum quantity of 200+ per colour/size applies. Check availability. buy save more more buy save more more buy save more more buy save more more CALL NOW TO ORDER! AVAILABLE ON SELECTED PRODUCTS buy save more more MADE COLOURS PREMIUM AUSTRALIAN * 5 *Prices include GST