Outdoor Furniture Dynami Stacker • 425h x 420w x 350d • Stacks to 15 stools high Cozy Range • Overall – 1800w x 1560d Bench (each) - 430h x 1800w x 430d Table - 730h x 1800w x 700d Perform Outdoor Setting (POB402 - $2265) "Take your reading outside" 810h x 1000w x 940d (filled) Cozy Bag (CZY108-H - $399) 280h x 600w x 600d Cozy Square (CZY114-H - $199) Water resistant Easy for students to carry! Create an easy breakout space Easy to carry! No beans Durable Filled with safe foam pieces ensuring safety and comfort! EASY TO PICK UP & GO! Jackpot Seat pad • 50h x 320w x 430d • Fully upholstered • Constructed from quality foam From $59 (JKP172-H) Lightweight & compact DYB113 $65 "Embrace outdoor learning." Sky Range • Table - 740h x 800w x 800d • Chair - 810h x 540w x 600d Polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre UV stabilised STANDARD STANDARD ZEN REST AVAILABLE IN 5 COLOURS SEE PAGE 29 FROM SKY400 $249 Rated to 135kg NEW STUDENT TABLE The Explorer Table is designed to seamlessy transition from indoor classrooms to outdoor learning spaces. Stash or Tote trays available Linkable Stacks 15 high on Trolley Outdoor Furniture "Get outside! Outdoor learning has numerous multi-sensory and cross-curricular benefits." Take your learning anywhere. Outdoor suitable! Linkable & stackable UV stabilised Packages & bulk pricing available Available in three sizes I table 650h 2SIZE EXP103 - $165 750h 3SIZE EXP104 - $169 550h 1SIZE EXP102 - $159 BFX HELPING DREAMS COME TRUE “ I’m so grateful for BFX’s employment and sponsorship, so that I could realise my dream of becoming a professional rugby league player.” Nancy Sullivan 2024 Women’s South Sydney Rabbitohs Player Kathryn Peake Educator buy save more more